Top 3 all-time goalscorer in Premier League

Premier League is one of the most famous football league in the whole world. It started in 1992 after breaking from the Football League, which was one of the oldest football league in the world, founded in 1888. Thus the Premier League since its inception has seen 47 English and two Welsh clubs competing for the title.

Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson has won most of the title with 13 wins followed Chelsea with five wins, while Arsenal and Manchester City had won three times each.

Thus on its 20th years of journey, Premier League has also seen the best players from all around the world playing for different clubs. This, in turn, led to history created by players along the journey and leaving their legacy.

Without further ado, let look at the top three players with the most goals in Premier League :

Andy Cole

3.Andy Cole

Number third on the list is Andy Cole, an English Professional player who scored 187 goals from 414 Premier League games. Cole began his professional journey with Arsenal in 1998 in the English Football League. However, his stint with the Gunner doesn’t last long, as in 1991 he was loaned to Fulham. Cole then moved to Manchester United, where he made a total appearance of 275 games in all tournament and scoring 121 goals. He then retired from football on November 2008 after leaving a legacy behind.

Wayne Rooney

​2.Wayne Rooney 

  Number two on the list is Wayne Rooney who scores 208 goals from 494 Premier League games. Rooney is also the top scorer for the National England team with 120 goals from 53 games. An Everton product, Wayne began his professional journey in 2002. However, he develops himself as one of the deadliest strikers in the Premier League, with Manchester United by scoring 183 goals from 393 games. Rooney then leaves the Premier League in 2018 after joining an MLS team D.C. United.

​1.Alan Shearer

 The number one of the list as the topmost goal scorer ever in the Premier League history is Alan Shearer with 260 goals from 441 Premier League games. Alan golden history was when he played for Newcastle United spanning ten seasons, where he scored 206 goals from 405 games. He also scores 30 goals from 63 games for the English football team.

 SO with all the list above, do you think anyone can break the goals scored by these legends? Comment your answers below.

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