ki nongjop MDC na ka KHADC

ka jingthep vote na ka bynta ban jied ia ki nongmihkhmat sha ka District Councli ka la long ha ka 27 Rymphang 2019.La don kumba 131 ngut ki candidate kiba ia 29 tylli ki shuki ha ka KHADC bad JHADC.

Ki kyrtong bajop katkum ka jingniew vote mynta ka sngi ki long kumne harum:

(ngin update shuh shuh kat nangmih ki resol)

ConstituencyName of MDCParty
1-JirangVictor RaneeNPP
2-NongpohBalajied RaniINC
3-MawhatiCharles MarngarINC
4-UmsningMacdalyn Sawkmie MawlongPDF
5-UmroiRangkynsai KharbukiNPP
6-SohryngkhamPyniaid Sing SyiemNPP
7-MawkynrewMartle MukhimHSPDP
8-NongkremLambok MalngiangIND
9-Lyngkyrdem – LaitkrohRyngkatlang LyndemUDP
10-NongshkenGrace Mary Kharpuri (W)INC
11-ShellaTeinwell DkharUDP
12-MawsynramAlvin KhyriemNPP
13-SohraTitoswell ChyneUDP
14-MylliemRonnie V LyngdohINC
15-Laban – MawpremMitchel WankharNPP
16-NongthymmaiLatiplang KharkongorIND
17-Laitumkhrah – Malki
Fantin Joseph Lakadong
18-Mawkhar – PynthorumkhrahPynshngain N SyiemNPP
19-JaiawPaul LyndohUDP
20-MawlaiTeibor PathawIND
21-Mawphlang – Diengiei
22-Nongspung – SohiongSherborlang MawlongHSPDP
23-Mairang – NongkhlawBatskhem RyntathiangINC
24-Pariong – MawthadraishanJambor WarUDP
25-MawkyrwatCarnes SohshangINC
26-LangrinNasar MarweinUDP
27-NongstoinGabriel WahlangINC
28-Rambrai – JyrngamBajop PyngropeINC
29-MawshynrutGigur MyrthongNPP

La Pyllait paidbah ia ka Redmi Note 7 pro ha India ha ka dor kaba biang bha


Ka Redmi ka la pyllait paidbah ia ka Note 7 Pro ryngkat bad ka Note 7 ha New Delhi.ka Note 7 pro ka kham bun ki jingmyntoi ia ka Note 7 kaba kynthup naduh ki processor,memory bad kiwei kiwei.

Katkum na ka website jong ka Redmi,ka Note 7 pro ka wan ha ka dor 13,999 tyngka ,katba ka Note 7 pat ka wan ha ka dor ba tang 9999.

Ka note 7 pro ka don kajuh ka design kum ka Note 7 hih,kaba kynthup 6.3 inch Full-HD+ screen bad ka jiniar ha ka 19.5:9 ratio .Nangta pat baroh arliang jong ka Note 7 pro la iada da kaba pyndonkam da ka 2.5D curved Gorilla Glass 5.

Haba phai pat sha ka kamera,ka Note 7 pro ka don artylli ki kamera hadein,ha kaba kaba nyngkong ka don ka jingkhlain haduh 48-megapixel bad f/1.79 lens,bad kaba ar ka don 5-megapixel.Nangta ruh kane ka phone ka la shna ryngkat bad ki bor artificial intelligence,kaban iarap shuh shuh haba iadei bad ki bynta ba ka don,kum ki sensor,AI scene detection, AI Portrait 2.0 bad Night mode. Haba phai pat sha khmat,ka kamera ka don ka jingkhlain kaba 13Megapixel.

Redmi Note 6 Pro (Black, 64 GB)

Ka Redmi Note 7 pro ka don ka battery kaba khlain kaba kot shaduh ka 4,000mAh bad ka jingdap kloi jong ka battery.
Haba phai pat sha ka processor kane ka phone la pyniaid da ka Snapdragon™ 660 AIE Processor ryngkat bad ka RAM kaba don
Ka Redmi Note 7 pro ka la pyllait ruh sa kawei ka phone kaba kham heh ka RAM kaba kot sha ka 6GB bd ka memory haduh 128GB hynrei ha ka dor 16999.

Redmi Note 5 Pro (Gold, 64 GB)

Specification jong ka Redmi Note 7 pro

1 Camera Front-13 Megapixel Rear-48 Megapixel 5MP
2 processor Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 675 AIE Octa-core  
3 Memory 4+64GB / 6+128GB  
4 Display   16cm (6.3) FHD+ Dot Notch Display  
5 Charging and battery   4000mAh (typ)* / 3900mAh (min)  
6 Dimensions   Jingjrong: 159.21mm Jingiar: 75.21mm
Jingrben: 8.1mm Jingkhia: 186g

Kumta haba ngi peit ia kane ka phone ba thymmai jong ka Redmi Note 7 Pro,ka kamera ka long kaba janai bha.Nangta ruh ka jingdon ka processor bad ka RAM kaba khlain kan pynlong ia ka jinglehkai games kum ka PUBG,PES 2019,Need For Speed ba kan iaid beit khlem ka jingthud.
Haba kumta lada phi sngew ei2 ban ong,sngewbha ia comment hapoh.

Top 3 all-time goalscorer in Premier League

Premier League is one of the most famous football league in the whole world. It started in 1992 after breaking from the Football League, which was one of the oldest football league in the world, founded in 1888. Thus the Premier League since its inception has seen 47 English and two Welsh clubs competing for the title.

Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson has won most of the title with 13 wins followed Chelsea with five wins, while Arsenal and Manchester City had won three times each.

Thus on its 20th years of journey, Premier League has also seen the best players from all around the world playing for different clubs. This, in turn, led to history created by players along the journey and leaving their legacy.

Without further ado, let look at the top three players with the most goals in Premier League :

Andy Cole

3.Andy Cole

Number third on the list is Andy Cole, an English Professional player who scored 187 goals from 414 Premier League games. Cole began his professional journey with Arsenal in 1998 in the English Football League. However, his stint with the Gunner doesn’t last long, as in 1991 he was loaned to Fulham. Cole then moved to Manchester United, where he made a total appearance of 275 games in all tournament and scoring 121 goals. He then retired from football on November 2008 after leaving a legacy behind.

Wayne Rooney

​2.Wayne Rooney 

  Number two on the list is Wayne Rooney who scores 208 goals from 494 Premier League games. Rooney is also the top scorer for the National England team with 120 goals from 53 games. An Everton product, Wayne began his professional journey in 2002. However, he develops himself as one of the deadliest strikers in the Premier League, with Manchester United by scoring 183 goals from 393 games. Rooney then leaves the Premier League in 2018 after joining an MLS team D.C. United.

​1.Alan Shearer

 The number one of the list as the topmost goal scorer ever in the Premier League history is Alan Shearer with 260 goals from 441 Premier League games. Alan golden history was when he played for Newcastle United spanning ten seasons, where he scored 206 goals from 405 games. He also scores 30 goals from 63 games for the English football team.

 SO with all the list above, do you think anyone can break the goals scored by these legends? Comment your answers below.

Top 3 interesting places to smoke cigarettes

BY Prateek Saini

Photo by Ricardo Mancía on Unsplash

Smoking is one of the great pleasures one can truly get. So being an avid smoker myself, I truly wondered what are some of the best places where one must smoke, and these were a few places that I love to smoke the most. They might vary for different people but surely these are some of the best places that I like to smoke. Although I know smoking isn’t something that you could be proud of it’s, to be honest one of the best guilty pleasures that I do have. Although you can smoke almost everywhere restricting some places like a gas station.

Top three places to smoke according to me are:

1}Smoking in washroom

Typical toilet smoker
Smoking in the toilet is one of the best things that I can think of. Think about that harsh day in your office and you know you can’t handle these assholes. You know you want to grab a smoke or think about that early morning rise, and you know you are ready for a good cig. You bring down your toilet seat and that relaxation you get while smoking is one of the best that you could ever have. That feel enlightens you up and for a sec you are the master and the whole world is down.

2.Hill Station

So I always want to become a travel junkie but unfortunately, the way I was traveling didn’t allow me to become that until I met these Italians on my trek to kheer Ganga.I lend them water and in return, they offered me Fortuna, which is the best cig I had till now. After that heavy trek I sat over there looking all over the place enjoying and playing “ESTAS TONNE”, and I realized it was worth everything.

3.Smoking at home.

Now, this isn’t for those who are married and independent but for those who according to there parents are non-smokers but they like smoking. I was, unfortunately, one of them. I use to go to my roof terrace and then use those match sticks to light it up. I use to take those match sticks from prayer room and then lie down on floor and glare at whatever was available for me in the sky. Think about life, crush. I use to lay down so that none of my neighbors see me. Taking those puffs one by one and smoking them in the free sky still makes me feel good. For a moment when the smoke comes between you and the sky and slowly fades away makes you feel good.

Smoke at every single one of those places because of the values that smoking carries about the place. People need to stop defining smokers as outcasts as we are not. So the next time you smoke remember about this article.
Thank you.

Nangjan Ka Manchester City sha ka Quadruple

Ka Manchester City ka la pynliem noh ia ka Chelsea FC da 4-3 kol ha ka jingiashut tie breaker ban rah syndon ia ka Caraboa cup. Kane ruh ka long ka jingjop ba sawsien kynthih jong ka Manchester City ia kane ka cup,kata naduh u 2013-2014 aiom.

Da kane ka jingjop ka Manchester City ka don ha ka jingiaid lynti ban ioh rah syndon ia ka quadruple ne ban ioh rah syndon ia baroh saw tylli ki cup kata kaba kynthup ia ka Premier League,FA Cup ,League cup bad ka Champion League.

Kumta ka Manchester City kaba la jop lypa ia baroh lai tylli ki cup,ka donkam sa ban jop ia ka Champion League,kaba dang iaid mynta ha ka Round ba 16, ban long ka kyhun kaba iohrah syndon ia ka Quadruple.

​ka Manchester United ha u snem 1999 hapoh ka jingialam jong u Sir Alex Ferguson ka jop ia lai tylli ki cup kaba kynthup ia ka FA Cup,Premier League bad ka Champion League bad ioh syndon ia ka nam kum ka kynhuh kaba jop ia ka treble.

U Kevin De Bruyne haba kylli ba ka Manchester City ka lah ne em ban ioh ia kata ka Quadruple,u jubab ia ka SkySports da kaba ong,”Ka bym lah ban long noh.Ngin ialeh ban jop ia ki jingialehkai katba ngi lah bad lada ngi lah shisha ban rah ia kata ka quadruple,ngin long shisha kita ki kynhun ba triem tam ha ka dewbah Europe.”

​Ka Manchester City kaba don mynta ha ka kyrdan kaba ar ha ka Premier League kan iakhun pyrshah ia ka WestHam United ha ka sngipalei.Nangta pat ha ka Champions League kan iakhun pyrshah ia ka Schalke 04 ha ka kylla kaba ar ban iohrung sha ka quaterfinal.

​Phi sngew ne em ba ka Manchester city kan long ka kynhun kaba nyngkong eh ban ioh ia ka nam kum kata ka kynhun kaba jop ia ka Quadruple?

Two Manchester City players could face injuries lay off

It was an intense 120 minutes games but it ended well for Manchester City as they won by 4-3 goals in penalties. Manchester City was able to win the cup continuously for the fourth time since winning it back in the 2013-2014 season against Sunderland.

In the dying minutes of the game, we see Kepa was to be substituted after suffering from cramps after a shot from Sergio Aguero, however, he refused to leave the field which leaves Sarri furious.


However, the cup also meant a heavy price on Manchester City as two of its main players, Fernandinho and Laporte sustain injuries and could be a hard blow on City especially on the coming Champion League games.
Manchester city legend Zabaleta believe that they can still do it as he said,” Let’s be positive. They just have to go game by game now. Every single question is about the quadruple now. They have so much quality in that team to go for every single trophy but it is going to be tough.”

Jamie Redknapp also told Skysports, “The two players who are injured now are so important to them,”

Manchester City is on the second spot on the Premier League after Liverpool had a draw with Manchester United, which leaves them one point clear of City.
Manchester City will have their next Premier League game against
West Ham United. Meanwhile, in the champion League, they will be up against Schalke 04 after defeating by 3-2 goals in the first leg.

Lai tylli ki jaka ba phi dei ban jngohkai ha Manali

Kawei na ki jaka ha Manali

Ka Manali ka dei kawei na ki jaka jngohkai ba pawnam ha ka ri India baroh kawei.Ka Manali ka don ha ka jylla Himachal Pradesh bad ka jngai kumba 240km na ka nongbah Shimla.
Ka Manali ka long kawei na ki jaka ba ki nongiaidkai na kylleng ka pyrthei ki sngewtynnad ban leitkai.
kumta ban poi sha Manali na Delhi ka long kume:

  1. Kaba nyngkong ka long da ka bus na ISBT ba la pynbeit da ka state transport bad kan poi kumba 1600 ne 2000 tyngka bad kan shimpor kumba 12 kynta.
    2.Kaba ar ka long da ka plane na New Delhi ha Bhuntur kaba jngai kumba 50km na Manali.
    3.Kaba lai ka long da kaba niah hih ka kali da kaba shimwai na ki dukan bad ka dor kan pher katkum ka kali ne ka sngi ba phin shim.

Lai tylli ki jaka ha Manali ba phim dei ban duh leit jngohkai ki long:
1.Solang Valleng
Kane ka long kawei na ki jaka ba itynnad bha ba phi lah ban jngoh kai bad ban leh ki sports bapher bapher.Nalor kata ruh ki don buhbah ki kam ba phi lah ban leh kum ka camping,paragliding ne skiing.

Camping ha Kasol

2.Rohtang Pass
Kane ka long ka pass ne ka jaka iaid lynti ban leit sha Lahaul bad Spiti Valley bad kawei na ki jaka ba itynnad bha ha Manali.Ka lynti sha kane ka jaka ka long kaba kham ma,hynrei phim dei ban duh leit pat.Kawei kaba phi dei ban kynmaw ka long ba phi dei ban shim shwa ka pass na ka sorkar,kaba phi lah ban apply ha ka website online.

Ki Sawdong sawkun ha Kasol

Kane ka long kawei na ki jaka ba pawnam bha ha Manali namar ka jingitynnad ki sawdong sawkun.La khot ia ka kasol kum ka Mini Israel namabar ka jindon ka jingngeit bad kolshor Jewsih ba khlain.Ka long ruh ka jaka pdeng ban leit sha kiwei pat ki jaka ba pawnam kum ka Tosh Valley,Kheerganga trek ,Grahan Village.

Ki jingmut ba dei ban buh haba leit Manali:

  1. Phi dei ban rah ki kamera babha namar ki jaka kin long kiba itynnad bha.
    2.Kynmaw ban don permit haba leit Rohtang Pass.
    3.Haba leit ha ka por tlang rah ki jaka bad ki nep kiba syaid namar ka hap thah bad ka khriat ha.
    4.Haba leit ha ka por Lyuir da book shwa ki jakasah namar ki lah ban dap kloi.

Mohamed Salah or Sergio Aguero: who will win the Golden Boot in Premier League?

Sergio Aguero

Liverpool and Manchester City are in the top two spots fighting for the premier league title. Liverpool is in second place with 65th points tied with Manchester City, however with one less game. Then there is Tottenham Hotspur at the third position with 60 points from 26th games.

Mohamed Salah and Sergio Aguero have been tremendous in performance this seasons, scoring 17 goals each. However, Salah played more games than Aguero with 26 games, while Aguero played for 23 games.

So who will score more goals?

Mohamed Salah

Salah and Aguero are both goal-scoring machine who can score against any team and would be really to difficult to choose between the two. Also with their teams on the top two spots fighting for the title, it would be a tough fight.  Salah who won the golden boot last season with 32 goals will strive to repeat the same. However, the Argentine will prove to be a tough opponent as with less game he has already equal the number of goals.

Recent Form 

 Aguero looks more solid and informs recently after becoming the first player in Champions League history to score seven consecutive away games in the competition for Manchester City. So Aguero total goals in February amounted to seven after a hattrick against Arsenal and Chelsea and a goal against Schalke. Salah also has an impressive month where he won EA SPORTS Player of the Month for February after scoring four and assists two goals.

Thus with the Premier League on the receiving end with only 11 games left and we will know who will win the golden boot. However, for now, we need to stay tight with Sergio Aguero and Mohamed Salah on the same spot.

DATA THEFT: A threat to humanity

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

On this day of advancement and development, data is everywhere right from our phone to our social media account. This data is growing at such a faster rate that no one could have imagined. It is an estimate that 2 to 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated every day, and 90 percent of the data is created in the last two years.

So how data can affect us?

With such a huge shift in data, security has been the biggest concern today. Data can be used to manipulate and analyze humanity and human behavior. Data theft is illegal usage, storage or transfer of any information that is confidential, personal or even financial in nature. It includes passwords, images, emails, algorithms, financial data. It is caused mainly by the system administrators, office workers who have access to their company servers or storage. The data which is meant to be stored and secured by a particular organization is stolen and sold to another organization or nation for the money. Cybercriminals are also trying hard to crack into servers and access the data for their personal use.

Let’s talk through an example. If cybercriminals hack a social media site then they can get email addresses. Then they can send phishing emails to the people. If a certain percentage of them click on it they will get viruses, worms into their system. Through that, they can track the user activities and have access to personal information like name, contact, address, social security number which they can use in their favor whenever they want.
What steps can be taken to protect our data?

In the coming days, data is going to increase at a much faster rate but we need to be wise and careful about what we do on the internet. We must always use a strong password in all our accounts and to always update our security system.

Travel Hacks To Make You’re Trip To Shillong Meghalaya (Northeast India) Even Better


Meghalaya is famous for its serene thick subtropical forest supporting a vast variety of flora and fauna and its majestic waterfalls, springs, an island. So if you’re planning a visit to the state and well if budget is bothering your trip to Shillong(Meghalaya ) here are some hacks that take some burden off your wallet:

(1) Transport One of the most significant thing while traveling is transport, though it is also important to have some knowledge about the place you’re visiting. If  you’re in Shillong and if you want to move around and explore the city one of the best thing for you is to opt is a shared taxi cab and with the ML numbered, yellow plates cars depending on your destination but pay no more than than ₹20 unless you booked or reserved the cab  or a cheaper alternative the Red buses (JNNURM) govt run buses they will get you in and around the city at a price ranging from ₹5- ₹20, these cabs and buses do have their stands most primarily you will find these vehicles in two of the famous spot of Shillong – Motphran and Police Bazar. But there’s no worry as you will find these cabs and buses everywhere in and around  Shillong.


(2) Food &Lodging There are a number of good hotels in Shillong that you can choose from, but if you’re on a budget there are also a number of good budget hotels in Shillong or another alternative is the backpacker’s hostel or dormitory depending on your needs. There are a number of traditional Khasi delicacies that you can savor and treat yourself with, which does not cost you a fortune, easily available in the local Khasi stall and restaurants. But if you’re into cafeterias with artistic ambiance and good music you can try the variety of cafes located in Shillong, especially in Laitumkhrah area, easily accessible by cabs and buses, the center of all educational institutions of Shillong. Another alternative is that you can always try the variety of street food in Shillong especially in the heart of the city i.e. Police Bazar.