PUBG: Check out the video of the new guns MP5K and G636

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PUBG Mobile has open the season 6 in the 21st of this month, barely after three days where season 5 ends. However, with new seasons, a lot of changes were seen, such as dynamic weather in Erangel and Miramar. You can check the total update here.

PUBG has also released the new gun MP5K which is available only on the Vikendi map and is set to replace the Vector. The MP5K gun is a weapon class SMG, with ammo of 9mm and 900RPM rate of fire. However, it is available on PC in #patch27.

However one of the newly added gun to the PUBG Mobile game is the G636 which will replace SCAR-L only in the vikendi map. You can check the video down here:

PUBG has also released some new skins with the Royale pass this Season, as they show on their twitter account on the two types of skins-the futuristic theme and the military theme.

PUBG has open a new contest for fans, where they have to take photos of their squad and upload on facebook. The Top ten winner will then receive the 1st year anniversary medal.



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