PUBG has partnered with one of the famous DJ for their anniversary celebrations

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PUBG has recently announced on Twitter that they have partnered with Alan Walker for their 1st Anniversary celebrations. Alan Walker new songs “On My Way” can listen on the PUBG game, and all his single will be out tomorrow in a various platform.



PUBG will release the much awaited Season 6  after a successful five since it launched last year. In season 6, there will be more improvements in the movement and making the game more interactive.
PUBG has also announced the Mobile Club Open 2019 in which all the top performer of the game from all around the world will compete for 2 million prize pool. The registration for the tournament which ends on 18 March will have to first compete in the PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge Prelims, in which the top performer will be given an entry to the Spring Split stages.

So, guys, Season 6 is here with Alan Walker Songs on the game.




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