Student showcase about Meghalaya in One India festival in Punjab

Meghalaya students studying in Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar India showcase about Meghalaya, its culture and tradition in a One India -One World Festival organized by the university.
The One India-one world festival which is organized by the university is a platform for students from different states of India, and countries of the world to showcase their culture and history.
The festival which begins on the 29th of this month goes on for three days in which all the cultural programmes and activities take place.
Meanwhile, when it comes to Meghalaya the student first display about the state in a procession in which the boys and girls are in their traditional attire and then phawar along the procession as the Khasi said, which is a kind of singing a song with just four lines or less with a deep meaning in it.
The students also display a traditional dance in a traditional attire which brought the crowd to an enthralling joyous mood. You can check the video here.

In the other case, the students are seen preparing a stall which displays all the items that are originated and used in the state. The item ranges from all the three major tribes in Meghalaya such as the Drum used in Wangala Dance in Garo Hills, Khasi traditional attire, and the Rod or a beam which display a message in it that are used in Behdienkhlam and many much more.

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The student from the Abode of clouds also presents a song at the festival about the beauty and the rich culture of the state. The song which is a voice of awakening for the youth to know about its history and never forget about its roots.
Thus the festival which ends today prove to be successful as the students from the state can educate and showcase the people about the rich tradition we have in Meghalaya.


  1. UR Marak

    It is watçhed the videos and enjoyed by me and am greatly happy in the mind to read the news that was possible to publish in the journal in respect of ” Student Showcase about Meghalaya in One-India Festival in Punjab ” and successfully staged in the same Flateform reflecting the Traditional Cultures with their traditional attires in the Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, Punjub organised by the students.

    We feel proud of the Meghalayan students as well as the North East Students of their reflecting the respective traditional cultures.

    We feel gratitude to the concern Authority and staff of the Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, Punjab.

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