ki nongjop MDC na ka KHADC

ka jingthep vote na ka bynta ban jied ia ki nongmihkhmat sha ka District Councli ka la long ha ka 27 Rymphang 2019.La don kumba 131 ngut ki candidate kiba ia 29 tylli ki shuki ha ka KHADC bad JHADC.

Ki kyrtong bajop katkum ka jingniew vote mynta ka sngi ki long kumne harum:

(ngin update shuh shuh kat nangmih ki resol)

ConstituencyName of MDCParty
1-JirangVictor RaneeNPP
2-NongpohBalajied RaniINC
3-MawhatiCharles MarngarINC
4-UmsningMacdalyn Sawkmie MawlongPDF
5-UmroiRangkynsai KharbukiNPP
6-SohryngkhamPyniaid Sing SyiemNPP
7-MawkynrewMartle MukhimHSPDP
8-NongkremLambok MalngiangIND
9-Lyngkyrdem – LaitkrohRyngkatlang LyndemUDP
10-NongshkenGrace Mary Kharpuri (W)INC
11-ShellaTeinwell DkharUDP
12-MawsynramAlvin KhyriemNPP
13-SohraTitoswell ChyneUDP
14-MylliemRonnie V LyngdohINC
15-Laban – MawpremMitchel WankharNPP
16-NongthymmaiLatiplang KharkongorIND
17-Laitumkhrah – Malki
Fantin Joseph Lakadong
18-Mawkhar – PynthorumkhrahPynshngain N SyiemNPP
19-JaiawPaul LyndohUDP
20-MawlaiTeibor PathawIND
21-Mawphlang – Diengiei
22-Nongspung – SohiongSherborlang MawlongHSPDP
23-Mairang – NongkhlawBatskhem RyntathiangINC
24-Pariong – MawthadraishanJambor WarUDP
25-MawkyrwatCarnes SohshangINC
26-LangrinNasar MarweinUDP
27-NongstoinGabriel WahlangINC
28-Rambrai – JyrngamBajop PyngropeINC
29-MawshynrutGigur MyrthongNPP

La Pyllait paidbah ia ka Redmi Note 7 pro ha India ha ka dor kaba biang bha


Ka Redmi ka la pyllait paidbah ia ka Note 7 Pro ryngkat bad ka Note 7 ha New Delhi.ka Note 7 pro ka kham bun ki jingmyntoi ia ka Note 7 kaba kynthup naduh ki processor,memory bad kiwei kiwei.

Katkum na ka website jong ka Redmi,ka Note 7 pro ka wan ha ka dor 13,999 tyngka ,katba ka Note 7 pat ka wan ha ka dor ba tang 9999.

Ka note 7 pro ka don kajuh ka design kum ka Note 7 hih,kaba kynthup 6.3 inch Full-HD+ screen bad ka jiniar ha ka 19.5:9 ratio .Nangta pat baroh arliang jong ka Note 7 pro la iada da kaba pyndonkam da ka 2.5D curved Gorilla Glass 5.

Haba phai pat sha ka kamera,ka Note 7 pro ka don artylli ki kamera hadein,ha kaba kaba nyngkong ka don ka jingkhlain haduh 48-megapixel bad f/1.79 lens,bad kaba ar ka don 5-megapixel.Nangta ruh kane ka phone ka la shna ryngkat bad ki bor artificial intelligence,kaban iarap shuh shuh haba iadei bad ki bynta ba ka don,kum ki sensor,AI scene detection, AI Portrait 2.0 bad Night mode. Haba phai pat sha khmat,ka kamera ka don ka jingkhlain kaba 13Megapixel.

Redmi Note 6 Pro (Black, 64 GB)

Ka Redmi Note 7 pro ka don ka battery kaba khlain kaba kot shaduh ka 4,000mAh bad ka jingdap kloi jong ka battery.
Haba phai pat sha ka processor kane ka phone la pyniaid da ka Snapdragon™ 660 AIE Processor ryngkat bad ka RAM kaba don
Ka Redmi Note 7 pro ka la pyllait ruh sa kawei ka phone kaba kham heh ka RAM kaba kot sha ka 6GB bd ka memory haduh 128GB hynrei ha ka dor 16999.

Redmi Note 5 Pro (Gold, 64 GB)

Specification jong ka Redmi Note 7 pro

1 Camera Front-13 Megapixel Rear-48 Megapixel 5MP
2 processor Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 675 AIE Octa-core  
3 Memory 4+64GB / 6+128GB  
4 Display   16cm (6.3) FHD+ Dot Notch Display  
5 Charging and battery   4000mAh (typ)* / 3900mAh (min)  
6 Dimensions   Jingjrong: 159.21mm Jingiar: 75.21mm
Jingrben: 8.1mm Jingkhia: 186g

Kumta haba ngi peit ia kane ka phone ba thymmai jong ka Redmi Note 7 Pro,ka kamera ka long kaba janai bha.Nangta ruh ka jingdon ka processor bad ka RAM kaba khlain kan pynlong ia ka jinglehkai games kum ka PUBG,PES 2019,Need For Speed ba kan iaid beit khlem ka jingthud.
Haba kumta lada phi sngew ei2 ban ong,sngewbha ia comment hapoh.

Discovering Meghalaya: A trip to the cleanest town in Asia

It was a bright sunny day and our destination for the day was Mawlynnong, a paradise among the beautiful land of the Khasi hills. This place has also earned the status as the ‘cleanest village in Asia’ in 2003 by Discover India Magazine. Mawlynnong is a village in the East Khasi Hills district of the Meghalaya state, India. It is located 90 km from Shillong, along with the India-Bangladesh border. Our journey to this beautiful place began at 9 am in the morning from Shillong.

So as we move to our destination, passing through magnificent and mesmerizing picturesque hills and scenic valleys and streams, one could easily fall in love with its beauty. After one hour of traveling, we pass through the most breathtaking views and places as we see the hills, plateaus and the striking valleys of the Ri Khasi reflecting upon the warmth of the mother earth.

A glimpse of the views around us

The picturesque valley is surrounded by undulating hills. Khasi Hills Then our journey continues until we reach a place known as Pynursla where we had a break and to our surprise, it was a local market day. So, we quickly  explored the market and bought some fresh seasonal fruit known as Sophie. 

Then we continued our journey, and after two hours we finally reached our destination, Mawlynnong. It was a scorching day, and every one of us was relieved that finally , we had reached our destination.

Jiengkiengri or Root bridge

As soon as we reached our destination, we could see the purity and serenity of the place and  one could also feel the dapperness of the place, and  it looks amazing and beautiful. Soon after that, we had a little break to relieved, and enjoyed the view mother nature had install for us and admiring the serene beauty of the place. Being in that place we also went and see the famous root bridge or the ‘Jingkiengjri’ as the Khasi said. This splendid root bridge is formed by the roots entwining with each other and this process takes years and years to developed but only  with the help of mother nature and the locals who had been training these roots for years and preserving them to progress and developed into their magnificent bridge .

After that tour, we went back to the village of Mawlynnong, where we had our lunch and we had to prepare for the next tour. The balancing rock is another exciting feature in the village. After that, we went for a sky view which is also near the village, where we have to climb a treehouse, and from there we could see the  neighboring Bangladesh. It was one of the most majestic views where we could see the plains of Bangladesh, and with it one could see the sky and it seems as the sky touched the land. As it was noontime, we could see the sun sets down, and kiss the earth one last time before it leaves for the night, a perfect ending to this exquisite and life-changing trip.

So our journey to this beautiful paradise ended as we boarded our cars, we feel at peace with ourselves, there was an atmosphere of tranquility in the car as if the world has stopped ,everyone refreshed and renewed spiritually and mentally. After spending almost a day in this holistic paradise and learning how to maintained and preserved our mother earth, so that our future generations can also experience and cherished such amazing splendor of mother nature and it’s a gift it has for us.

Thus our experience in this paradise was absolutely pleasant  and we would love to revisit this place again maybe in the near future or so. Thank you Mawlynnong, and in your footsteps, we must follow in whatever way we can as the saying goes: “Cleanliness is next to godliness.”

KWAI: A humble and traditional bridge of hospitality in Meghalaya.

The act of serving kwai is one of the traditional offerings served out to the guests, family members, friends, and even strangers which form a bond and bridges people between the rich and the poor in the Khasi matrilineal society of Meghalaya without any discrimination.

kwai is being consumed or offered whether it is in happiness or sorrow. It is served both in celebrations or funeral, and so the Khasi people never run out of it. It is considered one of the important necessity in every Khasi household and a customary offering of the indigenous people of the state.

kwai has a history of its own, as per the Khasi folktale, there exists a friendship between a rich man and a poor one, the latter being heartbroken and ashamed on not having any food to served his beloved childhood friend committed suicide along with his wife. The friend knowing the act of sacrifice prompted him to take his own life as well, the Gods on seeing this blessed the people of the state with an abundance of areca nut and betel leaf as a way for the poorest people of the state to offer something to their guest visiting their homes without disintegrating their honor and respect,and thus kwai paved a way of social equality for the tribal people of the state.

kwai: A common item in a Khasi household

Offering kwai to someone is an act of lending out a hand of friendship between two strangers, some believed that chewing kwai on your own when you travel alone keeps you accompanied as the chewing of kwai raises your blood circulation and also act as a blessing for the cold winters in the state.

kwai is such an integral part of the Khasi society that they even relate it with death and describe people who are no longer here in this world as “Bam Kwai Ha Dwar U Blei”( maybe translated as they are blissfully and peacefully chewing kwai in the house of God).

So if you’re in any part of Meghalaya, do try kwai and enjoy it.