Top 3 interesting places to smoke cigarettes

BY Prateek Saini

Photo by Ricardo Mancía on Unsplash

Smoking is one of the great pleasures one can truly get. So being an avid smoker myself, I truly wondered what are some of the best places where one must smoke, and these were a few places that I love to smoke the most. They might vary for different people but surely these are some of the best places that I like to smoke. Although I know smoking isn’t something that you could be proud of it’s, to be honest one of the best guilty pleasures that I do have. Although you can smoke almost everywhere restricting some places like a gas station.

Top three places to smoke according to me are:

1}Smoking in washroom

Typical toilet smoker
Smoking in the toilet is one of the best things that I can think of. Think about that harsh day in your office and you know you can’t handle these assholes. You know you want to grab a smoke or think about that early morning rise, and you know you are ready for a good cig. You bring down your toilet seat and that relaxation you get while smoking is one of the best that you could ever have. That feel enlightens you up and for a sec you are the master and the whole world is down.

2.Hill Station

So I always want to become a travel junkie but unfortunately, the way I was traveling didn’t allow me to become that until I met these Italians on my trek to kheer Ganga.I lend them water and in return, they offered me Fortuna, which is the best cig I had till now. After that heavy trek I sat over there looking all over the place enjoying and playing “ESTAS TONNE”, and I realized it was worth everything.

3.Smoking at home.

Now, this isn’t for those who are married and independent but for those who according to there parents are non-smokers but they like smoking. I was, unfortunately, one of them. I use to go to my roof terrace and then use those match sticks to light it up. I use to take those match sticks from prayer room and then lie down on floor and glare at whatever was available for me in the sky. Think about life, crush. I use to lay down so that none of my neighbors see me. Taking those puffs one by one and smoking them in the free sky still makes me feel good. For a moment when the smoke comes between you and the sky and slowly fades away makes you feel good.

Smoke at every single one of those places because of the values that smoking carries about the place. People need to stop defining smokers as outcasts as we are not. So the next time you smoke remember about this article.
Thank you.